BizInnovator Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BizInnovator Competition just for individuals or can you participate as a team?
Individuals or teams can participate. We ask that you limit your presentation team to 4.

When and how are people notified that they are chosen to participate in the competition?
All applicants will be notified within one week of the application deadline. Students selected to compete will receive additional information detailing next steps for the BizInnovator Elevator Pitch Competition.

I have a class of students that are working on a plan to submit their business to the competition. A couple of students would like to pitch other ideas on their own as well. Can a student submit more than one executive summary?
Students are encouraged to work on classroom projects as well as their own. If a class has come up with a business together, we ask that you choose no more than 4 students to represent the classroom while pitching.

Will we be able to use visual aids in our presentations?
Yes! We would love to see your marketing materials, prototypes, products or anything else you may have. We want to make sure we are able to interact with you, so if you choose to do a PowerPoint please make sure that we can see you as well.

Will the prize money go to me or my school?
Students will receive seed capital to go to starting up or growing the business.



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